You run a successful company.
Sales are solid and your prospects look good. And, yet, all you can think is, “I haven’t broken into the European market yet.”

  What’s holding you back?
    Your limited knowledge of foreign markets? Concerned that a company your size does not have the time, the manpower or the funding to make the leap? There is a solution that will give you immediate access to years of valuable market insight and help you blast through the barriers to European trade.
  What’s the answer?
    The Grow to Europe international business program was developed by AWT Business Solutions to help small- and mid-sized American companies capitalize on the significant business opportunities offered by the European Union, an economic alliance of nations that generates an estimated 30% of the world’s gross domestic product.
    Acces to the world’s largest economy is within your reach. Just click on Getting Started to begin the process of assessing your company’s readiness for the European marketplace.

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